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Cryptocurrency Education Efforts for Investors Increasing in India

Cryptocurrency Education Efforts for Investors Increasing in India
September 09
14:02 2021

Cryptocurrency education has become a focus of companies in India. This development comes as crypto-asset use and investment volumes in the South Asian nation have surged rapidly, placing the territory atop the world.


We think companies in India’s concentration towards offering cryptocurrency education is a laudable and appropriate effort. After all, we believe they are responding properly to the increased usage of cryptocurrencies in the country and the evolution of the contemporary financial sector.


Sharan Nair remarked that CoinSwitch Kuber had started its own initiative for the cryptocurrency education of investors. The Indian cryptocurrency exchange’s Chief Business Officer said that India still has a long way to go when it comes to investor education because the cryptocurrency market in the country is still at a nascent stage.


Nair shared that they at CoinSwitch Kuber had launched multiple initiatives to bridge the education gap. He also mentioned that their group advised investors to conduct their research before investing in any virtual currency.


The CoinSwitch Kuber executive explained that such activity is the fundamental rule of cryptocurrency investing or any other asset class. Industry experts in India have remarked that the informed cryptocurrency investor has the advantage in selecting the correct type of cryptocurrency project.


Nischal Shetty cited that over the past years, crypto-assets have emerged as a beneficial investment that someone can make in the present economic climate. The chief executive officer of Indian Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange WazirX relayed that it is time for India to upgrade its financial literacy for the 21st century.


Shetty added that virtual currencies should particularly be a crucial component of financial literacy programs. According to the report posted online by the Indian business newspaper The Economic Times, novice cryptocurrency investors in India are at risk.


It is because the country has lagged in making sufficient financial literacy about cryptocurrencies at the same pace as the fast adoption of these virtual assets, mainly due to policy and regulatory confusion. This dilemma is a serious concern as the cryptocurrency industry in India is still at its early stage.


Additionally, this sector is currently inundated by many virtual coins. Cryptocurrency market experts think this scenario places investors’ cryptocurrency investment funds at risk because many of these cryptocurrencies would eventually not survive.


We want to extend our praises to the companies in India that are focusing on offering cryptocurrency education to investors. We gathered that investing in crypto-assets is likely to rise in the coming days.


This situation calls for more concentration on educating investors about the modern financial sector’s evolution. Therefore, we support India’s current cryptocurrency education efforts, which can further help its people comprehend the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


By obtaining cryptocurrency education, we think investors can stay safeguarded against the possible risks involved in virtual currency investing. Furthermore, we think they can have their cryptocurrency investments properly protected through the acquisition of relevant knowledge.


We hope these constructive activities in India will spread to the rest of the world to benefit more investors. We believe cryptocurrency education offers adequate literacy in all the aspects of the digital asset class and blockchain technology, and it is the investors’ path towards reaping the complete perks of the rising digital currency economy.


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