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US Grassroots Group Crypto Impact Aids Indigents Based Abroad

US Grassroots Group Crypto Impact Aids Indigents Based Abroad
May 17
03:10 2022

Chris Delgado, Vance Fundora, and Fabian Kumpusch are the three founders of Crypto Impact.

These residents of Orlando, Florida, in the United States, launched their virtual currency-oriented charitable organization with the basic intent of helping impoverished people residing in developing countries.

We are quite eager to share this cryptocurrency-related update with our readers. We think they will discover more about the many use cases of crypto-assets like Bitcoin via this news.

According to the report posted online by WESH, a news outfit based in Orlando, Florida, in the United States, Delgado, Fundora, and Kumpusch share a common vision of impacting and rebuilding communities worldwide.

These three Crypto Impact pioneers want to do more than the typical food drives, charitable donations, and other conventional ways of giving back to communities and helping the indigents. They are turning to virtual currencies to support low-income families living in developing territories.

Fundora shared how their grassroots charitable organization began. He cited that it all started with his query of where their US dollar could literally go the farthest.

The answer to Fundora’s question resulted in himself and his fellow Crypto Impact co-founders looking at cryptocurrency, which is how they grow their personal finances.

Fundora pointed out that this virtual asset is merely a fledgling industry and has many opportunities across the board in terms of available technology.

Moreover, Delgado relayed that blockchain technology allows generous donors to send money to a recipient in need.

He compared cryptocurrencies with banks that can be inaccessible. This Crypto Impact co-founder also defended virtual currency use in charity, saying that, in other countries, payment solutions like Venmo or Zelle are unavailable.

Delgado mentioned that these locations do not permit wire transfer, unlike in the United States. The Crypto Impact founders need to be on the ground or grassroots with the people they are helping.

Delgado, Fundora, and Kumpusch said this method enables them to educate and raise awareness regarding cryptocurrency’s usefulness in philanthropy. Delgado cited that their primary mission is to demonstrate the beauty behind virtual currency and facilitate mass crypto-asset adoption.

Additionally, the Crypto Impact founders desire to assist poor people living in other territories where donors cannot necessarily bring in amounts of money like US$300, US$200, or US$100. These three Orlando residents affirmed that people who want to help the poor from developing countries could do so with cryptocurrency.

Kumpusch was recently in Vietnam. He connected with local residents there with potable and clean water, food, and clothing.

Delgado, Fundora, and Kumpusch intend to travel to other developing countries in the future and spread awareness about Crypto Impact’s mission and vision.

We find it heartwarming to learn about Crypto Impact and its founders’ plans to embark on more international charity projects cryptocurrencies fund in the future. We think Delgado, Fundora, and Kumpusch’s initiative of educating and giving back to global communities is a laudable effort.

We also believe these three Orlando, Florida residents’ grassroots charitable group and their objectives are what today’s philanthropic organizations helping indigents should emulate.

After all, these Crypto Impact founders are utilizing cryptocurrency, which is seamless and fast to use in giving back and making a positive difference in the lives of destitute people living in poor countries.


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