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Do Physical Crypto Currency Exists?

Do Physical Crypto Currency Exists?
December 16
16:55 2017

If you have some basic knowledge about bitcoin and the other crypto currencies, you already know that what makes them special is the digital aspect. All crypto currencies are being mined, bought and sold entirely over the internet. The blockchain technology itself had been developed because of the internet and technological advance that can be seen in the last few years.

Do crypto currencies exist in a physical form?

The answer is YES! However, their use is limited, but we have assembled this article in order to give you some insights about physical coins and who created them.

First and foremost, physical crypto currencies would not exist without the help of some ingenious entrepreneurs. Money as we know it exists in a physical form in the form of coins of paper money. That is why these guys thought they could also design some coins that could represent a physical form of bitcoin and the other digital coins.

When it comes to physical crypto currency, especially bitcoin since it is the one that had been shaped by the most companies, they are mainly two purposes:

  • There are some physical crypto currencies that can serve as a wallet and as memorabilia
  • The second category cannot be used as a wallet, just as memorabilia.

Since there are some that can be used as wallets, that means you can use them as a mean of cold storage. They serve as a safe place for your digital coins. Since digital currencies rely on the internet and the internet as a whole, has a relatively weak security, you can encounter some nasty situations. With the physical coins that can also be used as wallets, you can get rid of that.

In terms of the ones that do not function as a wallet, the price is much cheaper and are generally preferred by people who like to collect things or those that want to have a physical representation of the crypto currency that they use.

Physical crypto currency truly exists, but since we are talking about digital money, they do not have a physical form.



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