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Buying Bitcoin at an ATM: 6 Easy Steps

Buying Bitcoin at an ATM: 6 Easy Steps
April 24
16:04 2022

Cryptocurrency users new to buying Bitcoin at Bitcoin ATMs will find the process simple. After all, this procedure can take six simple steps.

We want to help our followers who are first-timers in buying Bitcoin at Bitcoin ATMs. We believe by sharing this educational article with them, they will feel confident in their purchase.

According to the informative discussion posted online by cryptocurrency news source, buying Bitcoin at Bitcoin ATMs usually takes the following six easy steps:

  1. Secure a cryptocurrency wallet, particularly a Bitcoin wallet.

This first step in buying Bitcoin at a Bitcoin ATM involves the virtual currency wallet, which is a piece of software or application that lets users store their cryptocurrencies. 

Additionally, the Bitcoin wallet specifically supports the flagship cryptocurrency, permitting its sending and receipt.

Securing a good Bitcoin wallet is easy. After all, Bitcoin is pretty much the most popular cryptocurrency today.

  1. Look for a Bitcoin ATM.

Bitcoin ATMs where users can go to when buying Bitcoin are typically found in high-traffic locations like airports or shopping malls. 

They appear like conventional ATMs dispensing fiat money. Nonetheless, Bitcoin ATMs let users withdraw or deposit money in exchange for the flagship virtual asset.

  1. Set up an account with the Bitcoin ATM operator.

This process of making an account involved when buying Bitcoin is simple. Most Bitcoin ATMs require virtual asset buyers to create an account with the ATM operator before they can utilize the machine.

Making a Bitcoin ATM account is usually completed by a user through scanning his driver’s license or ID.

  1. Key in the necessary Bitcoin wallet information.

This step involves Bitcoin buyers getting prompted to enter their Bitcoin wallet information into the Bitcoin ATM either via an alphanumeric keypad or a QR code. The buyer will have to scan his Bitcoin QR wallet using his mobile phone.

People buying Bitcoin can also select to print a paper wallet at the kiosk they can then use to import their Bitcoin into a wallet if they do not have one.

  1. Insert the cash intended to be converted to Bitcoin.

When buying Bitcoin, a buyer has to insert the money he wants to get converted to the flagship virtual currency after entering his wallet information. 

The Bitcoin ATM’s screen will flash the amount of funds he inserted, the amount of Bitcoin he will receive in return, and his Bitcoin wallet address.

  1. Confirm the Bitcoin purchase.

Finally, the Bitcoin ATM will ask the buyer to confirm his transaction. He will then have to confirm his purchase’s details and press the ‘submit’ button. 

Once confirmed, the Bitcoin machine will dispense the corresponding Bitcoin amount into the buyer’s wallet. After performing these six steps, buying Bitcoin at a Bitcoin ATM is already completed. 

We want our readers to follow these six easy steps when buying Bitcoin on a Bitcoin machine.

We think they will not feel hesitant or daunted as first-time Bitcoin buyers. After all, they will realize that buying Bitcoin at a Bitcoin ATM is not really confusing or difficult to perform.

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Summary: Cryptocurrency users new to buying Bitcoin at Bitcoin ATMs will find the process simple. After all, this procedure can take six simple steps.

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