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How to Become a Solid ICO Investor

How to Become a Solid ICO Investor
May 17
06:40 2018


Since the ICO market is currently on an upward path probably some of you are thinking about investing in blockchain-based startup and doing this full-time. We’ve talked about the ICO statistics last month and we have seen a sustained high interested in this kind of fundraising operation. That is why we would like to offer you this guide in which we will describe how you can become a solid ICO investor. We have to acknowledge from the start that this is no get-rich-quick scheme or magical formula. Some of the things that will be stated below are common, but still, most of the people do not manage to understand and apply them efficiently. Without further a due, let’s jump into the actual steps you need to take in order to become a solid ICO investor.

Step #1 Be one of the most educated people

Without a high level, you won’t be able to succeed in this game. You won’t be able to invest in ICOs that will become successful in the future if you do not understand the blockchain technology, the business model behind every company and the evolution of the market over time. Read books about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs, attend blockchain-based conferences, watch webinars, learn from your experiences and try to accumulate as much information as you can. Most of the people would like to skip this part because sometimes it could be boring. You don’t have to do it that way, because your goals are set in the long-run. What happens at this very moment is insignificant, if overall you are heading towards your goals.

Step #2 Find a methodology that fits your personality

After you have acquired enough information and gone through some experiences, what you need to do is to develop a methodology that:

1.) It has proven to work

2.) Fits your personality (aversion to risk, daily schedule, personal biases, mentality etc)

3.) You are able to follow flawlessly, regardless of what happens in the market.

It can take some time until you will be able to develop your own method of investing in ICOs. There is not just one single way towards success and also, you don’t actually need to follow another person’s strategy. Take something from every successful person you read about or meet, and combined with your personal beliefs and information you can be able to develop a unique method.

This would probably be a hard step for you, but keep in mind that you need to overcome this obstacle in order to reach your goals.

Step #3 Capital for investing

You won’t be able to become a solid ICO investor without any money. We know that a good part of the people has little or no money. Well, find a method to make money, then. You are no longer a kid and you are able to work. We must say from the start that without $10,000 you can’t consider yourself an investor. Even that sum is small.

You don’t need to start directly with $10,000. But considering that you will make a fortune by investing 300 or 400 US dollar is ridiculous. You will definitely have to raise more capital. Even though you start with little money, over time you can have access to more funding. For the first 2 years focus on results and try to constantly improve your methodology. If you manage to have consistent results for two years, a lot of options are on the table. You can start your own private equity fund and attract other investors into your company. Your track-record can convince other people that you are good at picking the right ICOs.

Focusing on the capital issue is another crucial you need to focus on if you want to become a solid ICO investor.

Step #4 Constantly expand your activity

You should see this whole ICO investor thing as a journey in which you are constantly learning and constantly doing you things. If you really want to be a solid ICO investor, the desire to achieve new things and evolve is something that should not miss.

Even though you decide to start small, with little money and middle education, there is nothing that stops you from dreaming big and aiming to achieve bigger results.

You want to be an investor, you have to play big. You need to have the courage to try because no one knows what might happen.

With that being said, these four steps are the most important ones you have to follow in order to become a solid ICO. Besides the ones above you will definitely have to do a lot of things. But if you really decide to go on this path, a lot of interesting experiences are waiting. May the success follow you on your journey!

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