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Positive Sentiment Buoys Bitcoin Prices

April 12
14:44 2022

Positive sentiment in the Bitcoin trading market began last week as analysts expect prices to move higher—maybe even on track for its best week of 2022. Despite facing one of the largest crypto heists in the world, Bitcoin rallied and showed its strength. Additionally, the increase in Bitcoin mining in the Southeast United States could support the local economy and offer an extensive network of hardware support. Blockware Solutions is establishing facilities across Kentucky, potentially pointing toward more positive gains for the cryptocurrency. However, in the world’s uncertain market climate, some were not convinced that te uptrend would last.

Reaching 2022 Highs

Bitcoin is trading above $47,000 after trading near $42,000 last week. Bitcoin prices have reached year-to-date gains, and prices have remained above the critical technical level of $45,000.

Prices Remain Steady after One of the World’s Largest Crypto Heists

On March 29th, hackers stole about $600 million worth of cryptocurrencies USDC (A USD-pegged stablecoin) and ether, connected to Axie Infinity, a popular blockchain game. This situation comes as the government is trying to develop and implement new regulation around cryptocurrencies.

Hackers tried to target the Ronin Network, which is the network that functions as a bridge for transferring funds into and out of Axie Infinity. Cross-chain bridges like Ronin allow users to send crypto from one chain to another. There are fundamental limitations to the security of bridges, which signals that they might not be around for much longer.

The crypto heist lowered Bitcoin’s prices to around the $46,000 level, but investors bought up the dip. Bitcoin prices saw gains of $47,000, showing how the hack strengthened the cryptocurrency.

The Influx of Bitcoin Mining Operations in Kentucky and the Southeast

On Tuesday, Blockware Solutions, an industry leader in blockchain mining and infrastructure, reported that it will open its flagship mining facility in Belfy, Kentucky. This town has less than 500 people and is on the border of West Virginia. This store will be one of three planned sites in Kentucky. The robust infrastructure around Bitcoin mining could lead to positive action in Bitcoin trading.

Two laws established in March 2021 have enabled Kentucky to help incentivize miners to set up Bitcoin mining roots in the state to replace coal mining operations. First, Senate Bill 225 provides clean energy-based incentives for miners who provide a minimum capital investment of $1 million. Second, Kentucky House Bill 230 gives miners several tax breaks.

The decentralized process of Bitcoin mining enables miners to add new blocks of Bitcoin transactions to the Bitcoin blockchain. However, to compete in this arena, Bitcoin miners require low-cost electricity and expensive equipment to make a profit. Nineteen million of the 21 million total Bitcoin supply has been mined in the last 13 years. Blockware Solutions will help offer an extensive network of mining hardware and support the local economy.


Cryptocurrency Donations to Ukraine Prop Up Its Economy

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have played a pivotal role in Ukraine’s defense. People have donated millions of dollars in Bitcoin to contribute directly to Ukraine’s war effort. Ukraine has taken in nearly $67 million of its $200 million goal. The money is used to buy items to save people’s lives, as 80% of the funds are being transferred into regular currency through the cryptocurrency exchange Kuna. Kuna is a Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange founded by Michael Chobanian. 

This instance marks the first time that a sovereign nation fund has led its defense efforts through cryptocurrency. This historic moment indicates that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a unique value that could continue to have worth in the market, whether during times of crisis or in a booming economy.


The Bottom Line

Bitcoin was in the news recently for the positive trend in prices last week. The upward momentum comes when the market faces uncertainty due to geopolitical conflict, rate hikes, and rising inflation. Several events have generated a rally in Bitcoin prices and could signal upward momentum for Bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin is trading above $47,000, which is the highest price of 2022 so far. The recent Bitcoin hack lowered Bitcoin prices to $46,000, but investors bought the dip. Bitcoin then shot up to $47,000, indicating its strength. Additionally, Bitcoin mining company Blockware Solutions announced that it plans to establish three mining facilities in Kentucky to boost Bitcoin mining infrastructure and support the local economy. This news is positive for Bitcoin as it may further incentivize miners to establish Bitcoin mining roots in addition to the recent legislation imposed in 2021. Finally, cryptocurrency donations like Bitcoin have been integral in assisting Ukraine’s defense in the geopolitical conflict against Russia. The value of cryptocurrency for these purposes could continue to affect the price in crypto trading. 

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Summary: Positive sentiment in the Bitcoin trading market began last week as analysts expect prices to move higher—maybe even on track for its best week of 2022. Despite facing one of the largest crypto heists in the world, Bitcoin rallied and showed its strength.

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