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ICOs Market Keeps Warming, and Nothing Seems to Get in Its Way

ICOs Market Keeps Warming, and Nothing Seems to Get in Its Way
December 24
16:20 2017

You have heard what bitcoin is. You know that it is already making noise in the market nowadays and people’s interest about what it is and what it does continues to grow.

Bitcoin futures already made its debut on Wall Street, and this provides a clear sign of cryptocurrencies making it in the mainstream.

In line with the craze that bitcoin is producing, another word that you might have heard several times is initial coin offering, more commonly known as ICO. Apart from the frenzy, ICOs also face some controversies and speculations.

It appears that people are starting to be skeptical as to its legalities. ICOs are new in the industry and they appear to be unregulated financial assets. That is why the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC needed to make a decision to clear out some gray areas surrounding ICOs.

They say that the token may serve as a simple utility token, meaning that owners are given access to a specific network or protocol. On the other hand, it might be a security token whose only purpose in value is to appreciate.

Some people also view that ICOs provide a capital that is unjustified. Others say that is an innovation in the model of venture-funding. You ask, “If there are various controversies surrounding it, how come it is still making noise in the world of cryptocurrency?” Despite these issues, crypto-enthusiasts still put their faith in ICOs.

A man called Bitcoin Baba who decided to leave his job and gear towards bitcoin all-in claims that he now lives the dream. He started to teach enthusiasts of cryptocurrency. He shares that he could not see a better place where to grow quick money than in ICOs, but he also says that he only trades them depending on how the market is doing.

Another person who believes in ICOs is OzkanIzik, a German college student. He said that he put half of his savings in ICOs. Recently, he made an investment in Polkadot which is led by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood. Izik knows that it would take roughly 2 years to get his tokens, but it doesn’t bother him. He said that he doesn’t think that Wood is someone who will run away with the money.

How about you, what are your thoughts on this?


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