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Faythe: The biggest ICO that you haven’t heard of

Faythe: The biggest ICO that you haven’t heard of
November 04
10:23 2018


The year 2018 had been one of the best for ICOs in terms of funds raised. If in 2017 more than $6 billion had been raised, this year the amount had more than doubled, with big projects like EOS and Telegram raising $4.3 billion and $1.7 billion, respectively.

However, some projects had not benefited from the same media attention during this period but managed to generate some interesting results. It is the case for the Faythe ICO and this will be the main subject of today’s article.

General Information

Faythe is an ICO project which wants to contribute to the evolution of blockchain through an AI-based financial ecosystem. Two pillars stand at the base of this innovative projects, as follows:

  • Faythe – a decentralized ecosystem and cryptocurrency project, based on Artificial Intelligence. The Faythe Protocol is managed by a network-based AI, able to compute on encrypted information, improving speed, resource use, and network security. This innovative technology reduces costs of the traditional blockchain network and also, it reduces the possibility of any internal or external attack. Faythe is an independent and decentralized financial ecosystem, controlling third-party blockchain assets and decentralized applications.
  • Trent – an Evo blockchain, with innovations in terms of speed, security, and integration. Set to provide a major improvement in the way cryptocurrencies operate across platforms, Trent comes with a new user-friendly experience with no compromises when it comes to security. Trent stands behind the idea of P2P Electronic Cash and will deliver all the features of an original blockchain + all the necessary add-ons required for Dapps and Faythe I/O. Trent will most likely become a standard in the industry since it is developed, audited and approved by some of the brightest developers in the world. Both Trent and Faythe will have a symbiotic relationship, contributing to the well-functioning of the entire system.

Faythe aims to create an ecosystem available for a wider majority of the people, since currently, we have only 0.5% of the world’s population using blockchain in one way or another, while 50% of the population uses the internet almost on a day to day basis.

Impressive ICO despite no media attention

The project standing at the core of the Faythe ICO is really impressive and judging by the funds raised, people truly believe it represents an innovative idea. According to their official website, 1,181,356 ETH had been raised during the ICO, which is worth an approximately 236,802,782 US dollars at the present value.

The Telegram group currently had more than 90k active users, even though the project succeeded with full anonymity, by going almost entirely under the radar. There’s a rumor spreading around saying that Faythe could be the next project of Satoshi Nakamoto, the presumable founder of the Bitcoin protocol.

Currently, both Faythe (FYE) and Trent (TTP) had been listed on the first exchange platform, called p2pb2b. This is the first step for opening both coins to a growing number of people and given the high-potential of the project, more listings will definitely come in the future.

Could AI-powered blockchain, like Faythe has, be the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies? We’ll see how things go, but right now Faythe has great momentum and it can really build something amazing.


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